Land of Stars
This is the first artist I knew on deviantart (not counting my school friends). Her username is zeiva and her art was my first real inspiration. She works with different color schemes and her artworks range from simple to really complex. The artwork above is one of her more simpler ones and is part of her Stars calendar series. Yeah, she does calendar series too and I love them. The artwork below is part of another calendar series of hers, titled Birthstones. I like the way she uses copic markers and photoshop to do her art. The part I like most (and is most inspired by) is her style/composition. 

zeiva tends to have various stuff floating around (I know my description isn't very good, but I can't think of any other way to put it), such as the clouds, moon and stars in the artwork above, the swirling waves in the artwork below, and the egg-like forms in the artwork far below. She also often personifies her characters, such as the little star in the artwork above, the aquamarine stone in the artwork below, and birth in the artwork far below. I didn't realize how much she influenced me until a friend of mine pointed out that many of my compositions tend to have stuff floating in the background (such as apples in my Snow White doodle). 

I like the way zeiva uses symbols in her artwork too, such as waves in aquamarine and the cracking eggs and DNA-like thing in the artwork below. She also tend to have stuff dripping in her artwork (even stuff that shouldn't drip), such as the water in the artwork above and the DNA strand and egg yolk in the artwork below. The effect is quite interesting and I sometimes adopt it in my doodles. I have yet to create a proper artwork with her influence, though. 

For those who are interested, this is the artist's DA: http://zeiva.deviantart.com/


Poisonous Maiden
It seems to me that all of the artists I love are from deviantart. Their artwork is awesome. This one is called emperpep and she uses watercolor as her medium. Her skills at it are amazing and at first glance, one would have thought that her works are digital art. She tends to use a lot of bright colors and most of her artworks have a certain 'shiny' quality. My watercolor skills are average and I often wish I'm as good as her... wishful thinking. Her ideas are not bad too. As you can see, I'm attracted for ideas and concepts as much as the artistic skill in the artwork. The artwork above is really cute and depicts a girl trying to water her plant with... something that is definitely not water. The messiness of the setting seems quite appropriate too, as it is obvious from the pipe-filled background and unknown colorful substances (likely to be poisonous) around that the plant is unlikely to survive there (unless its a mutant of some sort). It makes me pity both the plant (for ending up in such an environment) and the girl (for trying to keep a plant in such an environment, because it probably won't survive). Then again, the plant seems unnatural since its fruits don't seem quite right and its pot is attached to a wire/pipe (?). I sometimes wonder where these artists get their ideas from. Its so interesting.

Another example of her art is the painting below. Once again, it looks so well done that it doesn't look like its been painted. The painting is a kaleidoscope of colors (even the girl in the painting has rainbow hair) and the setting of the painting is a very colorful, very messy, and very artistic studio. The studio is full of paintings, paint, colorful plants and creatures (that seem to have either come to life from the painting, or come to life from the artist's overactive imagination). The way the artist blends her colors is also admirable. What I like most about her artworks, such as the one below, is that she always seem to be able to paint stuff with so much detail, yet the composition doesn't seem messy. Or maybe you could call it an organized mess? In any case, I'm still trying to create such an artwork (not with watercolor but with color pencil, since I think I should master color pencil first, before thinking about anything harder) but I've been unsuccessful so far... And in truth, I don't think I'll ever be able to reach this artist's standard.
Psychedelic Studio: 223
For those who are interested, this is the artist's DA: http://emperpep.deviantart.com/


I love the art of eyeballing. yes, I know that sounds weird, but 'eyeballing' is the username of someone on deviantart. She used to call herself NekoKirara but she changed that name just this year. Her works are often on the morbid side but I don't mind it. Sometimes, I actually like the morbidity of it, as long as it doesn't involve a centipede crawling into a person's broken neck, out of his mouth, into his eye and back out of his head (one of the artworks of hers that I didn't really fancy, called Centipede Necklace) Anyways, I like the way her artworks sometimes have a papercut-feel to them, as well as the themes and concepts she sometimes present in her art. For example, the artwork above is about someone blindly waiting for someone he loves. His outstretched hand and broken expression perfectly conveys his ache and longing. The blood-red flowers seem to show how painful his love is and one particularly big flower is placed right over his heart. The artwork is bittersweet, morbid and beautiful at the same time.
lies and disguise
The artwork above is about a conversation with friends, though everyone has a 'mask' on and the words they speak all contain lies. Its quite an interesting concept and I love the way she has portrayed it, with masks representing disguises. The artwork is sinister and melancholic and the way she uses different mediums together is also amazing. The artwork  below is above an abandoned violin meeting a broken piano. Both musical instruments have been personified (and you know I love personification) and it can be seen that the piano lady's legs are broken (or not in the right angle) while part of the violin's legs are missing. Its an elegant and lovely piece of art and like all her other artworks, the colors she used are very appropriate and pleasing to the eye. I like the way she designs her backgrounds too. Overall, her compositions are really cool.

the silent note
For those who are interested, this is the artist's DA: http://eyeballing.deviantart.com/

The Fair Reaper

This sketch was done this year when I took an interest in the personification of death. This is the first time I've drawn a proper guy (chibis not counted) that looks like a guy... I think... And I was inspired by a variety of artist from deviantart. This is my idea of how Death might look like personified: His hair is not too long not too short, he wears the chaperone of a jester with a bell hanging at the end of the hood's tail, beneath the chaperone is a diamond-patterned harlequin-like shirt with long loose sleeves, and a pair of slacks with boots (that can't be seen 'cuz its off the paper). Though I didn't color him, I imagined his hair to be white, his visible eye to be silver, his skin to be fair and his clothes to be black and white (the bell will be silver)... so altogether, not much color either. 

Since I got the idea of him being an angel of death, so I drew one large white feathered wing emerging from his back on his left side. As for his right side, I thought, since he represents death, he should have part of himself fading away. That's why the right side of his clothes are frayed and his right arm is missing, pieces of it drifting away in the form of falling flowers. The idea of flowers came from the idea of life and death being closely entwined with each other. His right wing is also missing as it has dissolved into mist. Oh, and his left eye is also missing, though I had the missing eye covered by his side-swept fringe. The right side of his face is also cracking, like a broken mask. In his left hand, he holds the classic Grim Reaper scythe and there's a lamp hanging from the handle of the scythe by a long piece of fabric. The scythe would be his tool to reap the souls of the dying, while the lamp is to light his way in the dark. 

I think of Death as someone lonely, someone sad, who has the job of taking the souls of the dead to the afterlife. But to those who go with him willingly, he would smile and dance them away in the Dance of Death. He is also fair, in the sense that he isn't biased and takes both the poor and the rich, the good and the bad, and no one can escape him when it's their time. I think I'm quite satisfied with this drawing... it turned out better than I expected. I may consider coloring it someday, or I may leave it as it is, since it seems to look quite alright in black and white.


A Pineapple Year

The artworks shown below are the calendar pages I designed for this year. Its for my AEP coursework and the purpose of it is to reflect on my (last) year in NYGH. I guess it's a little like a monthly diary of sorts? Each page was a watercolor painting (except October, which is done in poster color and acrylic), lined with a thin marker and occasionally touched up with white pen. I say 'was' because they were all scanned into the computer and I did some light photoshop (my photoshop skills suck) before it was sent for printing. On each page, there is also a small pineapple sculpture made of air-dried clay, painted with a mixture of paints (poster, watercolor, acrylic) and varnished. Each month has a theme and so does each pineapple. I also found quotes on the internet and added one to each month. I think I'm more or less satisfied with my work though I feel that I could have done better if I improved on my watercolor skills and photoshop skills.

January: Chinese New Year~!
Pineapple type: Eat Me

February: Valentine's Day, Science Practical Trials
Pineapple type: Split-skin (a representation of stress and contradiction)

March: GRACES, School hols, Exams
Pineapple type: Enzyme and Substrate/Masquerade (depends on how you want to interpret it)

April: Birthdays and Exams
Pineapple type: Strangled in ribbons (representing both of the above)

May: Relaxation (start of school hols)
Pineapple type: Ice-cream-eating

June: Holiday
Pineapple type: Akuma (representing the enjoyment of anime/manga... and my birthday--because my friends nickname me Akuma)

July: More exams
Pineapple type: Strangled by snake (the horrors of Biology?)

August: National Day (Singapore)
Pineapple type: National Day Parade (NDP)

September: Burning midnight oil (studying)
Pineapple type: Burnt-out candle

October: Final Exam's a war game
Pineapple type: Octopus ('cuz of the super busy month)

November: The End is coming, Autumn (though Singapore has no autumn)
Pineapple type: Mad Hatter (let the fun begin!)

December: Christmas
Pineapple type: Queen of Hearts ('cuz a friend of mine once played the Queen of Hearts in an Odyssey of the Mind (OM) performance and her birthday is on the 25th, and the Queen of Hearts could also represent love?)

That's all. Unfortunately the lighting isn't very good and some parts have shadows where there shouldn't be shadows while some parts are too bright. Maybe I should have taken the photos of my artwork at somewhere where the lighting is even? Hm... 


Assassin Girl
This artist is another one from deviantart. Her deviantart name is hellobaby. I love her style. She's able to draw very detailed art and her shading is very well done. The picture above is one of the ones that she doesn't color, yet it isn't plain or anything. I think its pretty cool how she drew the character suspended upside-down, with hair flowing so nicely. It makes sense that an assassin should have the dexterity and agility to do such feats (like suspending herself from something). The skull hanging beside the assassin in the picture is also quite symbolic as it represents death and assassins are killers. I like the way her clothes are drawn with so much detail and overall, the artist managed to make the assassin look beautiful and dangerous at the same time.

Chevaleresse of fire
This is another work done by this artist. This one and the one right below are examples of her colored works. She mostly uses color pencils to color her art and it is amazing how she could use such a medium so well and effectively. I real admire her coloring skills as I prefer to use color pencils as my medium too. I hope I can color as well as her one day... one day... sigh. Anyways, like all her other works, these two pieces of art are drawn with a lot of detail, its amazing. And the clothes she fashions for her characters are also very suitable and lovely. I chose these two art pieces to represent her colored works as I wanted to show her use of different colored schemes to suit her character. The one above is fiery while the one below is water-ish. Both characters seem to embody the essence of what they represent (fire and water, respectively) from their colors and the way she drew them.

Water God
The last kind of art she does is the one that's half-colored. Shown below is an example. For the majority of the picture, she leaves it in black and white with appropriate shading, lightly colors (to give the drawing a hint of color so subtle, it almost can't be seen) the skin and clothes of the girl, and fully colors the main focus of her artwork, which in this case, is the heart-shaped balloon-like object that the girl is holding. As the title suggests, the artist's message was to show some love to those around us. That is why the heart-shaped balloon that seems to be blooming into little flowers and butterflies is colored pink, because pink not only means love, but it also means 'I will never forget you'. The touch of pink mixed with tints of peach and soft gold gives the floating heart a warm and pleasant aura/feel. The plainer colors of the rest of the artwork puts more emphasis on the colored area, as if to say that life without love is colorless. I like this effect and may try it out myself one day, and I also like the way the artist conveys her message effectively in this manner.

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For those who are interested, the artist's DA is http://hellobaby.deviantart.com/